Monday, October 18, 2010

Crazy Month of October

So some exciting news that I realized I haven't posted yet is that we are having another little GIRL.  We are so excited especially Puck.  He absolutely loves little girls.  Him and Josie and best buds, in fact she is a completely different toddler around her daddy.  I am excited to let the Heriford household drama continue.....

But as for the craziness of the month it began with me in the ICU on Oct. 1st.  Here is the story.  About a week before the hospital I started to get flu like symptoms.  Fever, then cold chills, but they were only at night time so I didn't get too worried about it.  This went on for a couple of days and I was worried about our little baby so we went into labor and delivery and monitored the baby.  The nurse said she was fine and just watch my fevers and take tylenol....  So 2 days later I had my OB check up and I was still having fevers but no other flu symptoms so the doctor said watch the fevers and call her office if anything changes.  So the next day I got this crazy rash on my tummy and back, and I called the nurse and she said it was probably just the viral infection surfacing and I was ok.  BUT, I knew I wasn't OK.  That night I had 3 fevers of 103 and cold chills that made me so I couldn't move at all.  Literally, my husband had to carry me.  I waited it out until the morning and Puck and I decided to go to Labor and Delivery again.  This time it was a little different.  The nurse checked the baby and she seemed ok but then she checked my blood pressure and said that she was going to take me to the ER to get some blood work done.  I really wasn't worried, I thought I was just dehydrated from the cold chills and they would just pump some fluids through me.  Well they did.  I met the doctor and someone took my blood and then 20 minutes later, there was about 10 different people in my room.  I had 2 IV's, a nasal flushing, a chest x-ray, more blood cultures taken and a new doctor come in.  He was an infectious disease doctor and he told me that he was admitting me to the ICU.  I was like, "WHAT??"  I had just sent Puck off to work and didn't have a cell phone to call him.  So they took me to the ICU, I called Puck from the hospital phone to let him know I would be staying the night and we were both shocked.  I couldn't believe everything that was happening to me.  The reasons they took me to ICU was because my blood pressure was like 70/30 which they never want the median count to be under 60, mine was like 40.  Also, my red blood cell count was 19 and they like it above 40, and my potassium was very low.  I seriously felt like a patient from the TV show, House.  They tested me for sooo many diseases.  One disease, Parvo Virus(spell check), put me under isolation for a couple of days.  Which meant that everyone who came into my room had to be gowned, gloved, and masked.  Luckily, I didn't test positive for this one.  But I did end up with a blood transfusion and lots and lots of IV medicine.  After a week of treatment, the doctors decided it was just a terrible viral infection that took over my body and because I was pregnant it was a lot harder on me.  I have to say that it has been the hardest thing that we have had to go through and I am so grateful for our Heavenly Father who watches overs us and protects us from harm.  And I am so grateful that we listened to the spirit when it told us that I wasn't OK.

                                                                                      (During isolation period, this is my dad!)
                                                      (My swollen feet and legs.....I gained 20 lbs of fluids in the hospital.)
                                                                        (The port that sent the fluids and blood to my heart.)
                                                                        Pretty nasty pictures both in quality and actuality.  Taken with my phone.

Thanks to everyone for  your thoughts, prayers, and taking care of our family.  We have such fabulous family and friends!!! Oh, and good NEWS, I went and got an ultrasound this morning and baby is growing great.  I honestly can't believe how strong little babies are. Thanks little baby Hadlee for being strong when your mommy was weak.  We love you so much and can't wait to meet you. (Well, yes we can, we want to meet her on her due date and no sooner.)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As of LATE!

The Heriford Fam is still living the life in Chicago...... Our days consist of walks outside, the pool, the splash mat, occasional Buzz movie and our latest... Fern Gully ( not as cool as I remember).  We have definitely enjoyed our time out here in Chicago but look forward to seeing our home in Utah.  Its just around the corner......
Josie is officially a toddler.  Today, we tried to go to lunch and she threw her first big fit.  I was shocked and didn't now how to make her happy ( not even food worked) eventually she did calm down.  But I got a vision of whats to come.  Even with the fit today, Josie is such a blessing to our family. I love to see her learn new things everyday.  It is so much fun.
Bri took these pictures of Josie the other day and I can't believe how big she is. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We're Expanding!!!!

Our little family of 3 will soon have an addition.  We are so excited to have another little baby! Due in January.  Josie is wearing her big sis shirt.  It was so fun to tell our families this way.  Puck's mom Jan just said, "Cute shirt, did you make it?"  took her a minute to catch on.... My mom was completely shocked because we surprised the whole fam by flying home and showing up in Roosevelt and Josie was wearing this, so it was a bawl fest..... Lots of fun!  Josie is so great with little babies.  She loves Rilo out here she gets so excited around her.  I'm excited to see Josie as a big sis. And Puck and I couldn't be more excited!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What we have been up to!!!!

I apologize for my serious lack of blogging. I don't even have a real excuse. So let me give you a run down of life in Chicago.
Puck...... works all the time. He is such a hard worker. He gets to play with Josie for like an hour or 2 every morning and that about all he gets to see her except for Sundays. We have daddy all day Sundays. They are by far my favorite day of the week. Even though J doesn't get to see daddy very often she adores him. Any time she hears a car lock outside she runs to the door, "Daddy, Daddy!!!!" It's really cute. And sad.
As for me and Josie, we fill our days with pool time, park time, splash mat, and exploring. We were able to go downtown to the "Taste of Chicago," this week and met up with Sadi and baby Taiya and Bri and Rilo. It is so funny having babies anywhere outside of Utah. People asked if we were sisters and if we had planned our pregnancies together. HMMM (Josie is 18 months, Taiya is 11 months, and Rilo is 4 months.) The Taste was awesome. A bunch of Chicago restaurants are all together and you walk around and eat. My kind of party. I was seriously sick afterward though. WOW.... Josie loved it. I bought her a little backpack harness so she could walk around and she thought she was soo big. Running into people and saying hi and running back to the babies in their strollers to make sure they were ok. It was so cute.
We were able to go with Puck to Six Flaggs and it rained like crazy but Josie still loved it.
Also, Megan and Zoey came to Chicago to play.  It was so much fun to have them out here.  Josie and Zoey are BFF's.  They are seriously hillarious together.  Josie runs behind Zoey and bear hugs her.  So cute and they can play for hours together.  We were sad when they left.
I have soo much more to blog about but i'm not making any promises.  
Thanks to those of you who still visit our lonely blog.  We love and miss you all!!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Josie in the Sky with Diamonds

This post is dedicated to my sweet little niece AJ.... She loves Josie so much and the song Lucy in the sky and so one day she started singing, "Josie in the sky with diamonds...." I just love that little miss Addi J and we miss her and all our other cousins so very much.

PS My cute friend Bri took these shots. She is amazing!!! PPS obviously this wasn't set up for a photo op because it was right after a nap and she doesn't really even match. but that is what we get with a 16 month drama queen.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Puck and I have been up to something. Before we left for the summer we decided we wanted to get into a new TV series and thanks to our friend Lisa, we decided that FRiday Night Lights would be it. So, pUck gave me the 1st 2 seasons for my birthday and we started watching it as soon as we got here. And let me just say, WE LOVE IT!!!! If you are looking for a new series to watch, may we suggest this. And it is entertaining for both of us. My other shows I like I can't get my husband to watch with me so it has been so fun. Oh and a new season starts May 7th and we could not be more excited.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Latest and Greatest

Well we have done it again. MOVED..... Where??? The city of Chicago. Actually Westmont, IL but its Chicago. And I must say that it is by far my favorite summer location. Maybe because it isn't blasting hot yet or maybe its the fact that Josie sleeps 100% better in her pack and play. It boggles me that she enjoys it so much but I am so grateful that she does. In fact Josie really just likes it out here. I think she thinks we are just on vacation since its a new spot. Puck really is enjoying this area also. We miss Utah but August will be here before we know it. And then its home again.
Josie is now 16 months old.... I honestly can't believe how quickly she has grown up. Its incredible. She is FINALLY walking. but, still prefers to be carried or crawl. She walks and then will fall and say, "OW" and crawl for a minute. She loves to climb things. I often find her on top of boxes, or chairs, or tables. Oh and she is obsessed with BUZZ LIGHTYEAR. Our drive here was 20 hours long and she watched Buzz probably 8 times. and she raises her arms and says, "BUZZ???" Grandma Jan taught her to do it and she requests Buzz every time she wakes up. She is so entertaining. Honestly she has so much personality already. She loves saying, "Hi there" to complete strangers and if they don't respond she says it again and again until they say hi back. She also loves to say, "NO!" It was so cute for a while and now I think she understands what it mean and says it all the time.
I forgot my cord for my camera in Utah but as soon as I get it i will post some new pictures.
As for Puck and I.... not a lot of new for us. Puck works all the time and I play card games and sew. HaHa what a life. I have made a few projects since being here and I will post pics ASAP.
We hope every one is doing well and I will be better at posting this summer.......PROMISE!