Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Latest and Greatest

Well we have done it again. MOVED..... Where??? The city of Chicago. Actually Westmont, IL but its Chicago. And I must say that it is by far my favorite summer location. Maybe because it isn't blasting hot yet or maybe its the fact that Josie sleeps 100% better in her pack and play. It boggles me that she enjoys it so much but I am so grateful that she does. In fact Josie really just likes it out here. I think she thinks we are just on vacation since its a new spot. Puck really is enjoying this area also. We miss Utah but August will be here before we know it. And then its home again.
Josie is now 16 months old.... I honestly can't believe how quickly she has grown up. Its incredible. She is FINALLY walking. but, still prefers to be carried or crawl. She walks and then will fall and say, "OW" and crawl for a minute. She loves to climb things. I often find her on top of boxes, or chairs, or tables. Oh and she is obsessed with BUZZ LIGHTYEAR. Our drive here was 20 hours long and she watched Buzz probably 8 times. and she raises her arms and says, "BUZZ???" Grandma Jan taught her to do it and she requests Buzz every time she wakes up. She is so entertaining. Honestly she has so much personality already. She loves saying, "Hi there" to complete strangers and if they don't respond she says it again and again until they say hi back. She also loves to say, "NO!" It was so cute for a while and now I think she understands what it mean and says it all the time.
I forgot my cord for my camera in Utah but as soon as I get it i will post some new pictures.
As for Puck and I.... not a lot of new for us. Puck works all the time and I play card games and sew. HaHa what a life. I have made a few projects since being here and I will post pics ASAP.
We hope every one is doing well and I will be better at posting this summer.......PROMISE!


The Adamsons said...

I'm going to miss playing cards! Josie is so big I can't believe it! Hope you have a good summer!

Aaron, Kensie and Maycie said...

miss you guys!!!

...Dane Joe and Whit Lee Nelson... said...

You finally updated again! Yay! I'm now I'm here in Chicago with you...haha.