Saturday, April 25, 2009

WARNING: overload

So much has happened since our last post. 1st thing is we had a baby shower for Sadi and it was so much fun. She is having a baby girl in July and Josie can hardly wait. I made this cake for the shower and after I made it I remembered that Sadi doesn't even like chocolate. Sorry Sade for not thinking about the mother-to-be.

Next Josie is 4 months old. Time seriously is flying. We went to her 4 month appointment yesterday and she weighs 14 lbs 13 ounces and she is 26 in tall. That is the 97 %tile. What the heck.... she must get her height from her daddy!!!!! The doctor says that she is doing unusually well. That is good I think. She really is a blessing to the Heriford family. We absolutely adore her and fall more in love with her everday. Some of the fun things she does is: take out her binkie and try to put it back in her mouth. Laughs alot. Grandma Nancy taught her to eat her toes. She loves to grab our hands when we try to put her binkie back in her mouth. She loves watching BABY Mozart, JAZZ games, and SPORTScenter. Thanks daddy. Oh and she doesn't really like tummy time......

Also my mom came out to visit and we went to Thanksgiving point to the Tulip Festival. It was soo pretty and so warm. Gracey, Addi, and Jenn came along. It was so fun. Josie slept for most of it but I think Gracey loved it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend and Birthday fun

The Heriford's picked up and took off to St. George over the weekend. It was such a fun weekend. My sisters and their families were there and so were my mom and dad. We started the weekend with a little jog. Seriously, it was the 1st time me or Puck had been jogging in over a year. Puck did great. He pushed Josie in her stroller and he and Zach jogged the whole time. My nieces rode their bikes and my sister Jen pushed her baby in her stroller. I started out fine with jogging and soon realized that I am soo out of shape so I started walking and my cute little niece Gracey kept coming back to me. She was worried about aunt Jessie and didn't want to leave her behind. It was so sweet. Oh and then on the way back to the house it started raining and my husband came to pick me up in the car. How sweet and embarrassing. But don't worry I walked the rest of the way back.
The rest of the weekend was filled with Hannah Montana, easter egg hunt, Scrabble, movies, and Josie rolled over this weekend. Of course I didn't get it on film because I don't know how to use our video camera. But she is getting soo big. PS for all you scrabble players out there, my husband tried to use the word ZOOT by itself. Is that even a word without suit behind it. Anyway we all didn't think so and it caused some major drama in the West household.
Overall easter weekend was a blast and it ended with Puck's aunts noodles delivered to our house. SOOO good!!! Thanks Lisa.

Also I celebrated my 25th birthday last week. Holy cow that is soo crazy. It was such a great birthday. Thanks family and friends for making me feel soo special. LOVE you all!