Saturday, July 3, 2010

What we have been up to!!!!

I apologize for my serious lack of blogging. I don't even have a real excuse. So let me give you a run down of life in Chicago.
Puck...... works all the time. He is such a hard worker. He gets to play with Josie for like an hour or 2 every morning and that about all he gets to see her except for Sundays. We have daddy all day Sundays. They are by far my favorite day of the week. Even though J doesn't get to see daddy very often she adores him. Any time she hears a car lock outside she runs to the door, "Daddy, Daddy!!!!" It's really cute. And sad.
As for me and Josie, we fill our days with pool time, park time, splash mat, and exploring. We were able to go downtown to the "Taste of Chicago," this week and met up with Sadi and baby Taiya and Bri and Rilo. It is so funny having babies anywhere outside of Utah. People asked if we were sisters and if we had planned our pregnancies together. HMMM (Josie is 18 months, Taiya is 11 months, and Rilo is 4 months.) The Taste was awesome. A bunch of Chicago restaurants are all together and you walk around and eat. My kind of party. I was seriously sick afterward though. WOW.... Josie loved it. I bought her a little backpack harness so she could walk around and she thought she was soo big. Running into people and saying hi and running back to the babies in their strollers to make sure they were ok. It was so cute.
We were able to go with Puck to Six Flaggs and it rained like crazy but Josie still loved it.
Also, Megan and Zoey came to Chicago to play.  It was so much fun to have them out here.  Josie and Zoey are BFF's.  They are seriously hillarious together.  Josie runs behind Zoey and bear hugs her.  So cute and they can play for hours together.  We were sad when they left.
I have soo much more to blog about but i'm not making any promises.  
Thanks to those of you who still visit our lonely blog.  We love and miss you all!!!!


Jami said...

Welcome back! How long are you guys planning to stay out this year?

Alicia Hamaker Oakes said...

Loved seeing you for that split second on fathers day. glad that everything is going well for you in Chicago. very envious about the eating however. chicago looks delicious. later

Built Ford Tough said...

Well I was wondering when you were going to ever blog again... Chicago looks like tons of fun. No fun that Puck works all the time though. When do you guys come home?

David and Rachel said...

I love Chicago! It is good to hear from you. Hope to hear more adventures!