Thursday, June 18, 2009

SOO big

Josie is getting soo big. A few new things with Josie is that she is a champion sitter. She can sit for like a half hour and entertain herself. She is also learning how to scoot. Oh no..... I am not prepared for her being mobile. She holds up her arms when she wants you to pick her up. She is quickly out growing her crib a.k.a. pack and play. She totally has her daddy wrapped around her finger. Puck gets so sad at night because she is already asleep when he gets home. Sometimes he will go in her room and stare at her or he will just watch her baby monitor. So cute.

Florida is beginning to heat up. We had about a month of rain every day and now it
still rains but is crazy hott. We are enjoying our time out here. There isn't a lot to update about Patrick and I.... our lives are work work work.