Monday, March 22, 2010

ISn't it about time????

Seriously......I'm embarrassed by the lack of posts I have published. It has been so long that I should almost just give up. BUT i won.t. Lets start with Josie J. She is now 15 months old and still content with crawling. She will take like 10 steps then sit down and clap for herself. She is talking up a storm, some of her favorites are; "uh-oh what???" "Hi there" "Bu-Bye", "Nice" as she strokes your head or hits Penny the puppy. Cookie, cracker, ball, book, and of course MORE. She is a serious begger when it comes to food. She doesn't like a lot of things but the things she likes she can't get enough of. She loves playing with other kids. We just joined the Little Gym and she cant get enough of it. She goes around all the equipment and the kids and it is pretty exhausting by the end of the hour. It is so cute to see her there. I will post some video later. So here is some pictures lately and by lately I mean from Nov. on......
She loves a good lunch. Or breakfast or dinner or snack
One of her favorite things to play is kiss the window with daddy. A real mess but so cute.
FINALLY. She will watch TV. I mean its only 15 min or so but such an improvement. Just enough time to jump in the shower for the day.
Oh and she loves the pantry. She found a bag of dum dums and wasn't satisfied with just one. So she had 4.
OK i know its not much but i will post some more later today. Duty calls and its screaming "MOMMY!!!!"
Much love!!!