Wednesday, May 27, 2009

just a few pics

for those of you who miss us (by us I mean Josie) here are a few pics

This last picture Josie is wearing the dress that my niece Addi wore to our wedding.... SO CUTE!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

GOOO Marlins!

Last week my sweet sister and her cute family came to visit. It was so great to have them with us although both Puck and I had to work almost the entire time. They were able to do so much fn stuff like swim with dolphins, ride an airboat thru the Everglades, they visited 4 of Miamis greatest beaches and go to baseball games. Fortunately we were able to join them for 1 of the Marlins vs. Dodgers game. Josie of course came along and this is how she felt about the Marlins......

needless to say that didn't last too long. HOpefully we will be able to enjoy Florida soon.

Friday, May 8, 2009

WHATS new???

well to start with......we moved here.

Yes it is the summer time and we packed up and moved to Miami Florida and let me tell you the weather is fabulous. We only got about a week of spring in Utah before we left but we were ready for some heat. Josie loves the heat too. Although she does get really hot. Our apartment complex is huge so we have to walk a lot everyday. but lets face it, its a good thing for us. Puck is doing sales and I am managing the office. ITs a little stressful. I hope we get to enjoy Miami soon.
Something else new is that my hubby graduated from here

I am so proud of Puck!!!! He had a stressful last semester but he did it. Congrats BABE!!!!